Ever since I can remember, my family has made homemade wine in New Jersey. This tradition traces back to Southern Italy. My Sicilian grandfather, Carmelo, owned a tavern in Aspra, near Palermo, where he served homemade wine to his customers. My father grew up in that tavern.


Nowadays, my family buys grapes from local vineyards in Long Island, New York. It is important that we buy locally so that we can ensure the freshest and best quality grapes. We experiment with a wide variety of winemaking styles.

We crush and ferment grapes in the garage and then age wine in our cantina in the basement. The process is simple: good quality fruit, some hard work, and a few laughs. The wine is always natural: wild fermentation, no filtering, and no added sulfites. 


Every year, I travel to Southern Italy to make small batches of wine. Each batch of wine represents a different "cru" or historic sub-region. We use traditional winemaking techniques to highlight the natural viticulture beauty in Calabria. 

These wines will be commercially available in Fall 2021. More details to come!